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Submitting Samples to APL

We have updated Ring Test Application Forms! Please use them if interested in proficiency testing.

2023 Ring Test Application Form (PCR)

2023 Ring Test Application Form (Histology)

Memo to clients regarding APL workflow and COVID-19

Testing Available for DIV1/SHIV!

(Decapod Iridescent Virus 1/Shrimp Hemocyte Iridescent Virus)

Please see our most updated sample submission form to order.

 Martha, a P. monodon broodstock specimen



The main function of our laboratory (UAZ-APL) is to diagnose diseases of cultured penaeid shrimp. Samples are received from farms and research facilities all over the world. We provide these diagnostic services through methods of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Histopathology, and Microbiology.  Diagnostic services are provided to the shrimp farming community and research institutions for a minimal fee. The range of services we provide and list of crustacean pathogens we can detect can be viewed on our sample submission form.


Diagnostic Services

We are an ISO 17025:2017 accredited testing service provider.

APL Sample Submission Form

Mollusc Sample Submission Form

International Form

USDA Import Permit (for feed)

USDA Import Permit (for animals)

APL Price List

For payment options, please see invoice.



Please ship all samples to the following address:

Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory
The University of Arizona
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
School of Animal & Comparative Biomedical Sciences

1117 E. Lowell Street

Bldg 90, Room 102

Tucson, AZ. 85721 USA


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm


Turn-around times*

PCR Routine: 7-10 business days
PCR RUSH: 3-5 business days
Histo Routine: 2-3 weeks depending on size of case
Histo RUSH: up to 1 week
Micro Cases: depends on size of case and order

*Times may be affected during COVID-19 pandemic


Please note

Certain pathogens require specific tissue to detect. If in doubt, please contact us.

Please indicate specific pooling instructions on your form.

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

All results are confidential- reports will only be sent to the emails listed in the reporting portion of the sample submission form.

For any sample submission questions or instructions, please contact our PCR team at


Biannual Inter-Laboratory Calibration (Ring Test)

Photo of ring test kits
Our Ring Tests are conducted each year in February and August. 

We are an ISO 17043:2010 certified proficiency testing provider.

APL has been routinely implementing Ring Tests for diagnostic laboratories worldwide since 2005 with an estimated 18 participating countries. Ring Test services are specifically offered to laboratories involved in the detection of shrimp pathogens by use of molecular methods such as PCR.

These Ring Tests are intended not only to determine each lab’s proficiency, but also to help improve performance and to determine if test methods in use are reliable and reproducible. This process helps assure the clinician, regulatory officials or the public that the results provided are accurate, sensitive and specific.


2023 Ring Test Application Form (PCR)


2023 Ring Test Application Form (Histology)




Please email your filled out application to


Should our Ring Test participant list be full for the month you are applying for, you will be placed on a waiting list for the next available spot.


Positive Controls

As an OIE reference and USDA-approved lab, we provide a variety of positive controls for select pathogens. 

Please refer to our price list for the current prices.


Positive Control Request Form


APL Price List



Please send your positive control request and any questions to




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