Challenge Studies




Our West Campus Aquaculture Center (WCAC) wet lab research facility has been an essential and highlighted component to Aquaculture Pathology since 1990.  This facility includes a wide range of tank sizes which can be used for viral challenges, testing vaccines, evaluating feed, feed ingredients, probiotics, toxicity studies and more.


West Campus tanksWest Campus tanks

West Campus shrimpWest Campus shrimp


We have challenge models available for TSV, WSSV, IMNV, YHV, IHHNV and Vibrio sp. that can be used for evaluating resistance in selected families and for testing feed additives (probiotics, prebiotics, etc.) Our staff has the expertise to provide reliable results and the experience to help our clients design practical studies. Additionally, we have primary quarantine facilities, which can accommodate post-larval to adult stages year around.


WCAC has its own independent location about 15 minutes from the main campus:


Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory
West Campus
The University of Arizona
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
2831 N. Freeway
Tucson, AZ. 85705 USA

Main Line: 520-626-1390



All challenge studies done by our wet lab must be scheduled in advance. 

Please email our West Campus lab manager Paul Schofield at